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I have been traveling on planes since I was the age of 3. Traveling all over including to Europe and Asia (which was a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong) has given me a great deal of experience when it comes to flying. I actually just returned from California earlier today!

 I have listed items I believe will make any flight easier especially for those who absolutely hate the thought of flying!

Prevent Feeling Sick

  • Pain Relievers and Motion Sickness - you never know what you'll end up dealing with when you are flying, some flights are smoother than others (and cooler.) I always keep Advil or Tylenol with me as I never know if I'll end up with a headache or any other type of pain while on a long flight. I also carry with me two items for motion sickness .. 

1. Sea Bands  - I recommend these to everyone I know. They work by applying pressure to your "P6" acupressure point which helps relieve nausea.

2. Bonine - I take one pill before heading onto a flight to prevent nausea (these are better than Dramamine because they do not cause drowsiness.)

  • Anti-Bacterial Wipes and Hand Sanitize - the first thing I do when I plop my buttocks in the seat on the plane is wipe down the area with anti-bacterial wipes because Lord knows the person before me probably didn't do that and might've been fighting off some illness. I also use hand sanitize because I might get up and use the very small bathroom and am so crammed in there I end up touching the walls, doors, etc. so I need to make sure I get rid of the germs. 

    • Emergen-C - I love this stuff. I use it whenever I am feeling a cold coming on or just yucky to help sick whatever is trying to build up and take over! I especially make sure I drink Emergenc-C before and after a flight to keep my immune system strong.

    • Stay Hydrated - I mention this all the time and I am going to mention it again - drink plenty of water (with lemon) especially 24 hours before your flight, during your flight and after your flight. Flights can make you extremely dehydrated which will cause all sorts of issues for you and prevent you from enjoying your trip.

    • Chewing Gum and Ear Planes - okay you're probably thinking this girl is weird. Haha That is most likely true, but I like to be prepared and be as preventative as possible. I have sensitive ears and chewing gum is the #1 way to prevent ears from building up with pressure. The act of chewing and swallowing engages the muscles surrounding the Eustachian tube and lets the air escape.  Ear planes is another method I use. These little buddies help equalize the pressure in the middle ear.  

       Way To Prevent Dryness

      • Moisturizer and Hand Lotion - I carry both of these with me. I use the moisturizer that is meant for my face because my skin becomes so dry on the plane. I apply it before and after my flight. The hand lotion I  reapply several  times on the flight due to my hands becoming very dry. You  could also use a face mask while on the flight.

        • Eye Drops - I don't know about anyone else, but my eyes become dry as well on a flight. The air is not friendly to the human body on any plane.  I use the brand Systane Ultra for dry eyes.

        Keeping Fresh

        • Dry Shampoo - This is a must. My hair looks like a hot mess after a long flight and I would rather not walk into the world of those who were not just on a plane and have looks of whether I shower or not. Dry Shampoo keeps my hair looking fresh and smelling good :) *You can find the brand I use here.

          •  Deodorant - It sometimes gets disgustingly hot on air planes and I am not one who likes to smell like poo so I always make sure to freshen up with deodorant before exiting the plane. 
          •  * I use the brand Secret with Ph balance.

            • Lip Balm and Concealer - I do not wear much makeup on a flight because it'll peel off of my face anyway. I do however make sure my lips are constantly being moisturized by lip balm so I do not get dry cracked lips. When the flight is over, I like to just put some concealer under my eyes to appear more awake and fresh. 

              •  Change Of Clothes - I keep a pair of pants(or shorts), a shirt and yes a pair of underwear/bra in case I had any issues with my suite case or if I have plans for going out right from the flight and would like to not be in the same clothes that were once immersed in germs and staleness.

              Keep the Comfort

              • Dress in comfortable clothing - this isn't a runway and no one cares what you're wearing really. I like to dress in a pair of leggings, a loose long sleeve or short sleeve shirt and some nice cozy socks to keep my feet warm (you could also bring a crappy pair of socks you don't mind getting gross and throwing away when you return home, so that you can walk about the cabin without your shoes on.)

                • Travel Pillow - I don't bring this on my short flights, but I do definitely take this with me on my long flights. It is a perfect way to relax and rest your hand because air planes were obviously not made for comfort (which they should reconsider.)

                  •  Sleep Mask - This will come in handy when the people around you do not want to snooze and you do. Lights on the plane can be annoying and shine brightly into your eyeballs. A sleep mask will prevent this and help give you a good nights rest.

                    • Sweater - Do not forget to bring a sweater on the plane. My recent flights I have been warm, but I have also been on flights where I feel frozen. This will also help you if you get off the plane and step into what you thought would be warm weather, but it's actually cold. My favorite sweater to wear is from Old Navy. You can find it here :)

                      • Books and Laptop - I bring both of these with me on every flight so I know I will always have something to occupy my time because nothing is worse than watching the clock slowly tick and you have nothing to do. Do not forget to bring the chargers for your electronics and a pair of head phones !! I use an organizer to keep all of my electronic cables in one place.
                      *My laptop is an Acer Chromebook. I own the 11" so it is perfect for traveling and it's super light!
                      *The books I currently read on my flight are "Mindfulness" by Tessa Watt and "Becoming A Doctor" by Tania Heller MD.

                      Always remember to keep your passport or ID with you! What is your #1 travel essential ?!

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                      1. Great reminders here. Ive got 3 kids so id have to see how much room i had left for 'important' stuff like this after Ll the kids stuff was added lol thanks for sharing.

                      2. Love this list!! My MUST have is always chapstick and snacks. I'm such a snacker on vacation and hate waiting for the attendants to come around.

                      3. Such great reminders! I love this list and will definitely be using it on my next trip.

                      4. Love these tips! I haven't traveled for awhile, but headphones & an empty water bottle are always my essentials.

                      5. Great tips! EmergenC is a great addition to my own list!

                      6. Like you, I travel alot too and now with my son, it is so hard to pack for myself and to makes sure I have everything for him as well. I must try those acupressure bands as I always suffer from motion sickness. Thanks for sharing.

                      7. I completely agree with these especially staying hydrated!

                      8. This is a great list for traveling! I hadn't heard of Sea-Bands for nauseau. I'll definitely need to check that out. :-)

                      9. I carry most of the items whenever I travel that you mentioned here....we are normal, right? LOL

                        1. Lol! I'm not sure exactly! haha. :) I'm glad I am not the only one though!

                          xx Laura

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