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Hello lovelies! This post was going to be up much earlier, however I didn't expect the class I am currently taking at Uni to be as demanding as it has been. 😑 I have two weeks left and then I will be off for a month, so please be patient with me 💜 

Today's post is all about meeting your goals and how I have come up with ways to successfully do that! My schedule is very busy as I am sure a lot of my reader's schedules are packed as well. In order for me to stay on top of things and achieve what I'd like to in a day, week, month, and year, I aim to stay organized and focused by using these methods below.

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That leads me to my first tip..

#1. Writing your goals down is a great way to remind yourself of what you'd like to accomplish (many of us know this.) What I have found is that when you write down monthly or yearly goals, almost none of those goals are accomplished because it is too much on your plate. Instead of writing monthly goals, I write out weekly goals and then break them down into daily goals.  

- For example : I know I have to pay my bills (which I have a separate organization for paying bills if you'd like to know how I do that, comment below 🙋), finish assignments, and take my car in to have an oil change in that week .. I will break them down into when the assignment is due (what day I should be focused on finishing it,) what day I can bring my car in that doesn't interfere with work or class, and in between take time out from a day to pay bills that are due around that time period.

#2. The easiest way to make sure all of your goals are being accomplished is by breaking them down into categories. The categories I use are personal, blog, and job/school. I work in an ER so I have a different work schedule every week which I know a month in advanced. This makes it easy to plan around my work. Anything with school as I mentioned I will write down each day what I need to accomplish for assignments/exams. Anything personal such as doctor's appointments, bills, cleaning, exercise, friends, etc.. I write down in that category and finally I list anything I need to do for my blog under that category. 

* You can add as many categories as you'd like, remember that goal lists are to fit your lifestyle, not anyone's lifestyle.

#3. Be realistic. Don't list a million things for you to do in a week. Breaking them down to a week and daily goals is so you do not become overwhelmed and when you look back at the end of the month, your monthly goals will have been completed. 

#4. For personal goals, try and add things that you would like to accomplish for YOURSELF. Meaning, maybe you'd like to eat more veggies in that week or drink more water. Perhaps you want to eat less sweets or lose 5 pounds. You will see such a difference from getting up every morning and planning to eat 5 servings of veggies, instead of writing a month goal of eating more veggies. Do this consistently and it soon becomes a habit. 

#5.Set a time limit. This method can be used for any of your categories. Also, give yourself a little more time on each goal rather than the time you estimate it to be completed and then move onto the next goal. Make sure you are writing down what you NEED to do first before what you WANT to do. This is very important. 
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#6. Multi-tasking is your best friend if done correctly. Do not place 20 things in front of you and try completing them all at once. What you do want to do is before sitting down to complete an assignment or write out your bills, throw a load of laundry on. It seems obvious, but sometime we don't think of the extra things that have to be done where we don't need to make a space in our day for it to be done, it can join in with another task. 

#7. Celebrate meeting your goals ! It's important to acknowledge yourself achieving those goals whether big or small. Sit back at the end of the day and pat yourself on the back. Never beat yourself up either for not accomplishing something during that day. It's okay to have days where we do absolutely nothing lol. It's quite nice actually. When that happens, just tell yourself I needed a relax day.


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As always thank you for supporting my blog ! Please leave any comments below if you have any tips for goal setting 💜 

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