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Hello lovelies! Have you ever joined something new and felt confused, maybe lost, and there weren't really other people helping you? I think we have all felt that way at some point with different things in our lives. I felt this way when I started joining Facebook groups. Part of me thinks it was just the groups that I had joined but, I know there were times I had no idea what I was doing. I am here today to help you with Facebook groups 😀. You may already know a few of these things already. If you are new to blogging, I hope I can avoid you feeling the way that I did. I wasn't new to blogging but I was new  to the groups because when I started blogging many years ago they did not have Facebook groups.

Lets jump right in ..

#1. Don't let other people be rude to you and please don't be rude to others. I remember joining a Facebook group and this is when I did not know about certain rules with different threads. I understand if someone does not follow those rules and you have to correct them, but please do it nicely 💕. I didn't even know that there were rules in the side bar on the group (tip.) No, I am not joking. You cannot expect everyone to know right away how Facebook groups work .. and you do not know if it is their first group they are joining. I stopped participating in those groups who were rude to me.

#2. So now that you know there are different rules to different Facebook groups, make sure you read them and respect them. You can end up being deleted from that thread or group. If you do have any questions about the rules or do not understand them, you can contact the admin of that group OR ask someone else in the group. (you can always contact me as well and I can try to help you!)

#3. Some threads require you to remove your preview on the thread. In order to do so follow these instructions:
- You can click the x on the preview if you are on the computer.
- If you are using your mobile device, you can simply erase the http in your link or delete one letter of your post. By editing your post, it'll remove the preview. (below is an example of my preview)

#4. Don't only join a group to just promote yourself. These threads are built to support each other, share each other's work and make new friends who share the same interests or even different interests. When everyone is participating in the thread and follows everyone including you but you do not follow anyone back, that's wrong. If you feel you can't follow everyone or you simply do not want to, you can join groups that don't require you to. There are groups I have listed below that only require you to follow a few people, but please do not be that person who doesn't follow anyone.

#5. Don't lie (seems silly right.) But this happens and it makes me want to scream. People will post a promo on a group's wall (make sure it's okay first) about how they have millions of views and want people to join their course which they are charging a lot for, when they don't actually have that credibility at all... People can see through that and you will end up with less viewers. So make sure you are legitimately telling the truth. It is not right to advertise false information and then have someone pay for it. . some people don't realize it's a bunch of hooey and they end up wasting their money (which makes me upset seeing.)

#6. Make sure when you are participating in a Pinterest thread that your pins are vertical. (if you need any help with these, please ask me!)

#7. Respond to people. Now this can become tricky especially if you do belong to several groups and your Facebook notifications are going a mile a minute. You may miss someone responding to your post on a thread,  but please try to look back to see if anyone has responded. It does not have to be right away as we are all busy but, it should be within a day.

#8. Which brings me to my next thing, Engage. Don't just promote your social media accounts and blog or a new business adventure. There are lots of threads in the groups below that have more than just promoting. Talk to people, find others in your area, collaborate. Blogging is not just business (although unforuntately it has been that way for a few years now, I plan on bringing back the old blogging with my blog that I once started with,) blogging is also a place to have fun, enjoy yourself, do what you love doing and teach others new things.

#9. Don't promote the same thing on multiple group's walls within the same time period (again check to see if you can post on their walls.) It honestly looks like you're self-serving.

#10. This is my last tip and I'd consider this an all around tip to not only Facebook groups but, also blogging. Don't go into this for the money and don't post on walls of Facebook groups telling people you'd like to make money out of creating a blog and how to get started. I miss the old blogging world filled with (live journal, blogger, etc) before word press and all that jazz, you know ..  when there were "dollz" to be made lmao. Good times. Anyway, the old blogging world wasn't focused on how to make money off of everything and selling their content to you. "You want to know how to make a million dollars in a month, sign up now for my course which will be $599.00" Really? Yes, I get it, we don't work for free and we shouldn't, and I don't either. I charge for things too but, not $500.00 for something you can google. I like to remain an "oldfashionedheart," I buy all of my giveaway prizes and I invest my own money into products to show you and review. I also like to keep it old school and show you content that you'll get knowledge from on maybe things you didn't know. Sorry but I won't be doing a post on the same lipstick every other blogger is posting about. Sorry for the rant, but bottom line, don't come into this looking to become a famous millionaire. Do it because you love doing it.


#1. The Busy Bloggers
Members: 20 (and i'm very proud)
Of course I have to list my group(s)! Even though I just started them and they are so very tiny. But, that is okay because I am very proud that I have already gained 20 members and I appreciate those who are interested in joining! I started this group because I myself just like everyone else is very busy with their daily lives and the fact that we dedicate time to blogging and social media is amazing. Not everyone can juggle a blog + their personal lives! So I thought it would be a great idea to make a group where we can come together + support one another. This group has threads where you can share your social media accounts + your blogs but also I will be doing threads with giveaways and a lot of engaging!


#2. Beast'n Beauties
 Members: 22 (again I am proud)
This is my second Facebook group. You are probably wondering why I created two separate groups. That is a good question! I created another group because my first group is only for bloggers and those who want to become bloggers. However, I know a lot of people who have businesses online and they do not have a blog. So, I decided to make a separate group for female entrepreneurs. This group is also open for bloggers and those who are thinking of starting a blog or business. I think it is so important that women support one another. There is enough sunshine for everyone! We don't have to kick each other down just to make it to the top because trust me that is the last thing you want to do. This group is all about getting your blog + business out there and helping each other grow.


#3.  Lovely Bloggers
Janett is the admin to this lovely facebook group. She is also the owner of Lifestyle Inspire Blog.
Her group layout is very clean and elegant which I love. The threads are not only posting your links but also engaging which is perfect. Here is her lineup for the week.
-Monday - Share Your Latest Blog Post
-Tuesday - Share Your Favorite Social Media
-Wednesday - Engage + Collaborate
-Thursday - Give Blogging Tips + Advice
-Friday - Share Whatever You Want


#4. Blog While You 9-5
Members: 1,227
Jacke is the admin of this group. She has a blog course that you can take as well here.
Her rules are super fair and I just love participating in the daily threads.


#5. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
Members: 20,757
Allie is the admin of this group and wow she does an awesome job. She also has a blog called Allies Fashion Alley. I highly recommend joining this group. It is a huge group but, you only have to engage with 5 other members and not everyone in the post so it isn't overwhelming (although i always encourage everyone to engage more.) Right now these are her posts for the week plus she always posts extra.
- Monday - Recent Post Thread
-Tuesday - Facebook
-Wednesday - Different Thread Every Week 
-Thursday - Twitter
-Friday - Instagram
-Saturday - Different Thread Every Week
-Sunday -Blogger Of The Week (YES how awesome is that?!)


#6. Blogging 101
Members: 13,525
Nicole is the admin for this big group. Her blog is Uniquely Women (which I love.)  The group rules are again very fair. Everyone in the group is super friendly too! Here is her weekly round up.
-Monday - Set Your Goals
-Tuesday - Promo
-Wednesday - Social Media Shares/Collaborate
-Thursday -  Feedback
-Friday - Social Media Link Party
-Saturday - Share + Care


 #7. Pinning Ain't Easy
Members: 2,424
I love this group! Jenn is the admin + blogger of Mamma's Hustle. I love her rules and how she runs her posts. Every single post is basically where you have to follow/like every member that commented on that post. Which is great because you end up getting a lot of people supporting you! It does take a while to do BUT she gives you until the next day (sometimes two days.) Sometimes it can be frustrating if someone doesn't follow the rules though so make sure you are willing to follow people back and not just post your link and walk away (which you should not be doing in the first place.)


#8. Blog + Biz Babes
Members: 1,214
The admin of this group is Laura (love the name 💕) She is the writer of By Laura Iancu and she has a great course for new bloggers which you can find here. The group is a little different because it isn't just posting your links and following others. It is a lot of engagement with other bloggers on different subjects which I love! You really get to meet great people that way. Here is her weekly lineup.
 -Monday - Goals
-Tuesday - Help
-Wednesday - Collaboration
-Thursday - Feedback
-Friday - Promo
-Saturday - Celebration
-Sunday - Social Media

#9. The Blogging Connection
The admin of this group is Erin. She runs the blog Sincerely Erin xoxo. I love this group because the threads are constantly changing. The rules to her group are very fair and the other bloggers are super nice! Plus everything is PINK! 💕

 #10. New Bloggers Support Group
There are two admins to this group: Geneva and Lisa. This group is awesome! You do not just have one thread a day to participate in, there are multiple! Both of the admins are extremely pleasant too! Here is there weekly lineup.
-Monday - Pinterest, Bloglovin, Blog Post
-Tuesday - Facebook Page, Instagram, Blog Post, YouTube
-Wednesday - Twitter, YouTube/Google +, Blog Post, Share Resources
-Thursday - Facebook Post, Blog Post, YouTube, Ask For Help, Pinterest
-Friday - Collaborations, General Questions,Share Your Wins, Pinterest.
-Saturday - Social Saturday

Thank you so much for reading this very long post! I hope this helped you out and if you have any questions at all or would like to add things  to my list, please comment below! Also, I have 5 more Facebook groups listed in my newsletter. To find out what they are, just fill out this form! ⟱

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