25 Questions About Food

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As I was searching for a blogger tag so that you could get to know me a little more (which I still will be doing) I stumbled upon a food tag and thought THIS IS ME. I mean I really should have been a food. LOL just kidding but, food is one of my biggest loves in life. I love traveling around the world and tasting new and different foods. I also love baking (could not live without it!) 

So here it is .. the 25 food questions tag !

#1: What is your favorite breakfast?
I always switch my breakfast up because I never like having the same thing all the time. Right now I am loving a nice egg (over easy) and an avocado with some chipotle (spicy) salsa on the side! It fills me up for the morning and gives me lots of energy! (which i definitely need because 8am classes in the summer are NOT easy!)

#2: How do you drink your coffee?
Well I will tell you how I don't drink it .. DECAF. I just do not know HOW anyone does! Hehe on a serious note .. I drink my coffee with almond milk and I like my coffee STRONG!

#3. What is your favorite sandwich?
Hmm I don't eat them often .. I would probably go with a veggie sandwich, something with pesto on it for sure! 

#4. Soup or Salad?
Woah I have to choose?! I love a  good salad with arugula and mushrooms (I can already hear people saying ew gross.) I definitely also love some warm butternut squash soup or tomato basil :) yummmm.

#5.Name your favorite cook book.
Pinterest ... Seriously I get all of my recipes from there! I do use a few actual cook books too but they aren't my favorite.

#6. Ban sugar or salt?
This is difficult .. I would say salt. I love baking and I could not live without the sweets.

#7. Which cuisine is your favorite?
SPICY!!! Mexican and Indian 100%. I do love Greek and Vietnamese food too! 

#8.What is your favorite food movie? 
 Julie & Julia

#9.What is your guilty pleasure?

#10.Where do you get your inspiration?
From all over .. magazines, pinterest, youtube, bloggers + instagram.

#11.Home cooking or going out to eat?
Home cooking = the best.

#12.High end or low profile?
Low profile.

#13. What is your favorite restaurant?
I have so many. This Colombian restaurant near me though takes the top!

#14.Where do you buy your groceries?
Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Farmers Markets, Aldi + ShopRite.
#15.What is the best food you ever had?
Easy. Pizza and Pasta in Italy!

#16.What is your favorite cocktail?
I don't drink.

#17. Would you rather drink a cup of coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?
Heston Blumenthal because he is a chef and we can talk about food.

#18. What object in your kitchen can you not live without?
My baking mixer.

#19. What is your favorite snack?
I usually like having raw carrots and broccoli.

#20.What's on your pizza?
Pineapple and jalapenos.

#21.Is there something you really do not like?
Red Meat.  

#22.What is your favorite food blog?
I like so many food blogs it's hard to choose one!

#23.What is the weirdest thing you have eaten?
I cannot think of anything right now that I thought was weird.

#24.Do you have a food bucket list?
I would like to continue to taste many foods from different countries IN those countries.

#25.What food couldn't you live without?
Vegetables. I just could not live without them.

.. That about wraps up this food tag. I tag anyone who is reading this post to do the food tag! Please leave me a comment below with your link if you choose to do so! I'd love to know .. What is your favorite food?

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