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Hello Everyone! I have been asked about which skin care products I use (over on my instagram) and decided to share them! I use a total of 6 products. I do have other skin care products that I may switch into my routine but, these are my main go to products. Not all of these are vegan (alba is vegetarian) and I am not 100% sure about the Mario Badescu products. I have tried looking them up but, have not been able to find a definite answer. I do have products that I use which are all vegan + I also have makeup products that I use which are only vegan + cruelty free. One product I did leave out is an eye cream (very important) which is made from avocado oil. All of the products listed below have the price + place where you can purchase them if you'd like :) I am extremely against animal cruelty and refuse to use anything that harms our animals. I try my best to purchase products that are going to be best for my skin. I believe it's important to keep the inside and outside of your body healthy!

Tarte Maracuja Oil
This is one of my favorite oils for my skin! I apply this oil twice daily. Once in the morning before applying my makeup and once before bedtime after cleansing my face. I have seen such a difference in my skin since I began using this product. I was afraid at first to use any oils on my skin because I do have combination skin and I did not want to break out from adding oils to my skin. BUT that did not happen! You only need a very small amount and the bottle lasts a long time!

Maracuja oil is made from a passionflower plant. Most of the time the oils are extracted from the seeds of the passionflower. This oil does a lot for the skin. It is a Emollient - so it acts as a moisturizer. Maracuja oil also reduces inflammation in the skin as well as relives itching of the skin. Maracuja oil is an antioxidant - preventing our tissues from being damaged.

1.7 oz $48 Ulta
Vegan + Cruelty-Free
Dermatologist tested

Alba Hawaiian Clean Towelettes
Perfect product for removing makeup and cleansing my skin! I love these especially for traveling. Makes my life so much easier! Contains fruit enzymes and aloe. This product is not vegan however due to it containing beeswax. It is vegetarian, does not have any synthetic fragrances and no harsh sulfates.

30 count $6 Target
Cruelty Free + Paraben Free
pH balanced/hypoallergenic

Promise Organic Coconut Facial Scrub
(with walnut and sugar)
I have very sensitive skin and this product has worked great for me! I have used a number of different exfoliants for my skin and all of them have made my skin very red and caused burning. This facial scrub is extremely gentle yet gets the job done! Plus it smells amazing.The scrub is made from organic sugar and walnut shells. It is also aloe based and contains organic honey for that soothing feeling.

3 oz $10 Promise Organic
Vegan + Cruelty-Free
For Sensitive Skin
Dermatologist tested + pH balanced

 Jor'el Parker Fango Mud Mask
Recently when I went to look up this product so you would be able to find it, I realized that the company changed their name to "Harvey Prince." So the link below will be different than the name above :)

I use Jor'el Parker's (Harvey Prince) mud mask in the shower while I wash my hair and the rest of my body! It is a perfect way to multi-task while using a mask lol. After I use this product my skin feels SO soft ! I am running out but I am definitely going to be purchasing this again! The mask is made of sweet almond, avocado oil (which i love! It is high in a substance called sterolin which softens the skin and reduces age spots), green tea antioxidants and volcanic ash minerals(helps shrink large pores.)

7oz $27 Harvey Prince
Vegan + Cruelty-Free
Gluten Free

 Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
This product is my go to for sudden acne breakouts! It has been a life saver. I have placed this under my makeup during the day and the pimple is gone by night fall or i have placed it on my skin before bed and woke up the next morning pimple free. You only need a cut tip amount and the bottle will last you forever. Just make sure not to shake the bottle or mix up the ingredients. It contains salicylic acid (same ingredient found in aspirin) and calamine lotion

1.0 oz $17 Mario Badescu
Cruelty Free

 Mario Badescu Acne Serum
Since I had used the Mario Badescu spot treatment and loved it, i figured I would  try out another product from that line. I have struggled with acne scaring in the past (from popping and picking pimples that I should have never touched! I wish I listened to my mama!) Therefore I have tried product after product for a basic acne serum. Nothing did the trick. THIS product has. It's very gentle on my skin and I hardly notice it's even on. It's made from the same ingredient as the drying lotion (salicylic acid.) 
1.0 oz $20 Mario Badescu 
Cruelty  Free 

What cruelty free skin care products do you use? I love hearing about different products! Any recommendations. Please do tell! 

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