Cruelty Free Skin Care Routine

Hello Everyone! I have been asked about which skin care products I use (over on my instagram) and decided to share them! I use a total of 6 products. I do have other skin care products that I may switch into my routine but, these are my main go to products. Not all of these are vegan (alba is vegetarian) and I am not 100% sure about the Mario Badescu products. I have tried looking them up but, have not been able to find a definite answer. I do have products that I use which are all vegan + I also have makeup products that I use which are only vegan + cruelty free. One product I did leave out is an eye cream (very important) which is made from avocado oil. All of the products listed below have the price + place where you can purchase them if you'd like :) I am extremely against animal cruelty and refuse to use anything that harms our animals. I try my best to purchase products that are going to be best for my skin. I believe it's important to keep the inside and outside of your body healthy!


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